Red Front Republic was founded in June 2016, by working class individuals in Scotland. Our aims were clear from day one, to oppose fascism, racism and bigotry on all levels. Far-Right organisations have tried to gain numbers, and power in Scotland for years, but the history of fighting back against their hatred has been prominent.

We fully support Scottish Independence, with the purpose of creating a better Scotland that works for everyone. Scotland should be able to completely govern itself by a party that has been democratically elected by the people of Scotland.


We have no official affiliation with any political parties in Scotland. We work directly with the communities throughout the country, and intend to continue this work. From helping out the homeless, to showing solidarity with marginalised groups and individuals.

We aspire to continue to grow our movement, and help as many people as we can, while fighting back against the hatred, and intolerance that innocent people have to face every day of their lives.