New Era

Since forming as a group in 2016, we have accomplished a lot. From helping out the homeless throughout Scotland, showing solidarity, and support for marginalised groups, continuing the offensive against far-right organisations and bringing a voice to the people who feel left behind by the current government.

We are aiming to keep this movement going, and bring in new ideas to help grow, and focus our efforts on supporting changes that will have a positive effect on us all. It is important to adapt to new issues that people face on a daily basis. With the likes of food banks popping up on every second street, to the rise in hate crimes being committed against minorities. These issues must be addressed, and discussed on all levels about how we all can take part in creating a better society to live in.

Our views on Scottish Independence have not changed, we still fully support independence with the intent of giving the power back to the people of Scotland, to democratically elect a party that will represent the country, and make the changes that are needed without the approval of London.